P700 Folding Machine

P700 Folding Machine

High Volume Franking

The new Frama folding machine Folder P700 folding machine is designed throughout for hard everyday office use. It stands above all the rest with five fold types, three folding modes, its compact design and simple operation.

Once you get to know the Frama folding machine Folder P700, you will no longer want to go without it. That’s because it effectively relieves end-of-the day stress by taking on monotonous manual labor, brings an end to imprecise folds and helps you make a professional impression among customers.

What’s more, it reduces external costs, because even larger runs of mailings, billings and original advertising materials can be processed in house.

Compact and handy

The Frama folding machine Folder P700 is designed to be extraordinarily user-friendly. Unpack it, turn it on and experience your enthusiasm growing for this all-rounder.

A Child's Play to Set
Set just once for consistent, precise folding that is guaranteed to stay that way. The result: no readjustment needed during large, same-format runs.

LCD Display

Thanks to its dependable electronics, the control panel for selecting folding mode's and the LCD display with clear pre-select and piece count information makes it easy and convenient to use.


Constant folding quality, even with varying paper weights, is automatically assured through Swiss quality and innovations such as the Frama SingleFeed.

Up to Format A3

The Frama folding machine Folder P700 renders impeccable service for handling special and large formats up to DIN A3.


The Frama folding machine Folder P700 stands out through the years in hard everyday use. Thoughness is assured by special durable LongLifeRollers™ that offer an excellent grip for varying paper quality.

P700 Folding Machine

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